Orsa & Winston welcomes MF Deli, a residency by chefs Halaigh Whelan-McManus and Kevin Finch that brings together their collective experiences in world-class kitchens spanning San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, and rural northern Japan. MF Deli starts on Monday Feb. 4 and continues on Sundays and Mondays through the month of February.

Halaigh has flown in from Oslo and Kevin’s here from San Francisco (on his way to Shenzhen) to serve a menu that combines Nordic, French and Japanese influences with California ingredients. They’re veterans of Michelin-star restaurants, but leave the suit jacket at home and bring your best vibes! Get your tickets now on OpenTable.

A progressive menu is $170—that includes tip and taxes. Wine pairing available for $75.  

Here’s what you might see on MF Deli’s menu:

Broth of smoked seasonal vegetables  

Oyster, emulsion & seaweed 

Spiny lobster tartare with brain jelly & shiso

Brassica & dips 

Toad in the hole 

Reserve white sturgeon caviar, carrot & kefir 

Abalone & mushrooms glazed in grilled liver butter 

Dry-aged pheasant & berries 

Berries & raw cream 

Citrus ice with sea salt, olive oil & bay 

Date ice cream 

Japanese sweet potato pie 

Candied ginger

Coffee by Tim Wendelboe of Oslo


Halaigh grew up in Dalkey, south of Dublin, but now resides in Oslo, Norway. A massive part of being Irish is packing your bags, leaving the island then seeing just how far you can actually get by chatting the ears off absolutely anyone who will listen. Halaigh is no different. His career has seen him through a stint at AOC in Copenhagen, Noma, northern Japan, and a Michelin three-star restaurant in Oslo (where he and Kevin met). He has most recently hosted food shows for Vice Munchies.

[The Munchies Guide to Norway]

Kevin’s the former chef de cuisine at Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, part of the team that saw the restaurant’s meteoric rise to Michelin three stars. Originally from Salt Lake City, he started his journey in professional kitchens at the age of 15. Shortly after, he began traveling to work behind the stoves all over the globe—in New York, Oslo, Nantucket and San Juan Island. He’s stopping in Los Angeles on the way to his next adventure halfway around the world.

“Deli” /’delē/: A selection of fine, unusual and foreign prepared foods. Or what Kevin hears when Halaigh calls everything that’s cool “deadly.”